Michael Irwin

Michael Irwin

About me:

I’m a 32 year old Wig Stylist, from Brisbane

Using HiSmile Since:


Favourite Product:

The pen. The convenience is great, and I take it literally everywhere.


I love the entire range. All the products are great, and I have tried A LOT of teeth whitening brands in the past. HiSmile is just in a league of its own.

Dream Holiday:

Any island, anywhere! I’m about that lifestyle. Although, throw New York at me and I’ll be packing my suitcase in 2 seconds flat.

HiSmile Routine:

A light brush, before and after using the Kit. I always follow it up with the coconut mouthwash, and if I need that extra kick, a little pen application.

Fun Fact:

I run and own my own wig styling business.

Michael Irwin
Michael Irwin Michael Irwin Michael Irwin

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