Thomas Murphy

I’m a 36 year old Actors Equity Performer from New York, USA. I’ve been using HiSmile since March 2019, and my favourite product is the Gel Refills.


Hey Thomas! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a 36 year old Actors Equity Performer from New York, USA, and I’ve been using HiSmile since March 2019.

Why did you start using HiSmile?

I wanted a whiter smile as I'm a teacher and performer. The reviews I read were top notch and the affordability of the Kit was great even on an artists budget in NYC and it has been worth it ever since!

What is your favourite product?

The Gel Refills, because I wanted to show my teeth off! I now even prefer to use my HiSmile Gels over what was provided with my dental correction as a lot of those types of sets include hydrogen peroxide which made my gums feel on fire.

What was your reaction after using HiSmile for the first time?

After I used my Kit for the first time I couldn't believe how easy and pain free the experience was. I was thrilled that I could finally whiten my extremely sensitive teeth with both the Teeth Whitening Kit and the Day and Night Toothpaste.

What other products have you tried?

I have tried the Coconut Mouthwash and the Teeth Whitening Pen. I have a subscription to both the Gel Refills and the Day and Night Toothpaste. I can’t wait to try The HiSmile Toothpaste next!

What is your HiSmile routine?

I love using the Day and Night Toothpaste to keep my teeth white in between using my Gel Refills. I just love how it whitens, but helps with my sensitivity too I started at a shade 7, I ended up at a shade 2.

What is your coffee order?

Espresso is an addiction of mine! I love an Americano or Red Eye. This is why I keep my vanity stocked with everything HiSmile.

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