Come take a dip with me....

We’re dreaming of crystal clear oceans, exploring Greek cities, snorkelling between orange corals, relaxing in mineral baths and boat parties in Croatia. No matter where you are in the world, it’s easy to wish you were enjoying those hot European summers. Come take a dip with me in some of the most beautiful swimming spots in Europe…

The Greek Islands are undoubtedly one of the most iconic landmarks for crystal clear oceans. Zakynthos Island in particular features jaw dropping stone cliffs, dazzling blue water and pristine white sand. Snorkelling through caves, sunbaking on a water floaty or reading a book laying around in the sun is how we want to spend our monday!   

If sitting in a freshwater pool looking over a waterfall surrounded by forest sounds like something you’d enjoy then the Krka National Park is where you need to be. This iconic landmark is a natural beauty to Croatia which leaves your skin and hair feeling fresh and clean. If you prefer those salty skin feels the Korčula beach is where its at. Secluded beach walks, hidden caves and national parks is just the tip of what Croatia has to offer.  

Move away from the coast line and into the hinterland to discover these natural hot mineral baths at Pamukkale in Turkey and Tuscan in Italy. A natural exfoliant for your skin these hot mineral baths leave you feeling as refreshed as a day at the spa.  

Grab a rowboat in Portugal and sail under white stone caves, stop and jump into the deep clear ocean and lay around relaxing in the hot Portugal sun. If deserted beaches and exploring steep landscapes sounds like your cup of tea then Portugal is where you’ve been dreaming of.  


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