Getting Started: The Kit

We've put together an all-in-one guide to answer your questions on the Teeth Whitening Kit.

Your all-in-one guide

With the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit, it's never been easier to whiten from the comfort of your own home. Over the years we have continued to refine the teeth whitening process so that it's more simple than ever before.

We've put together an all-in-one guide to answer your questions, and help you get started. Whether you're thinking about trying the Kit for the first time, or you're a return purchaser touching up your results, we've got you covered.

Watch the video above to get a breakdown of the process, packed with loads of tips and tricks. If that's not your thing, scroll through our infographic below to see a step-by-step guide covering every little detail.

We look forward to seeing your #HiSmileResults!

The kit includes, led light, mouth tray, 3 times whitening gels, instruction manual, shade guide
here's how it works
The instruction manual breaks down the process step-by-step, and contains the shade guide
Take a clear photo of your teeth before beginning treatment
Use the shade guide and your photograph to match your current shade
Record your shade number on the card, so you don’t forget
We recommend using the Kit at night, prior to going to bed and after brushing teeth.
Turn and pull the cover anti-clockwise to open the battery compartment.
Ensure the batteries have writing face up.
Place slight pressure with your thumb on top of the two batteries, and pull the plastic slip upwards.
Place the cover back on, and turn clockwise to close.
Attach the mouth tray to the LED light.
Twist the cap off of the whitening gel.
Apply ¼ of the whitening gel to the top of the mouth tray.
Apply another ¼ of the whitening gel to the bottom of the mouth tray.
Ensure the whitening gel is evenly applied to the face of the mouth tray.
Twist the cap back on to the whitening gel, and store back in the tray provided.
Place the mouth tray in between your top and bottom teeth, and push the device against the front of your teeth.
Press the button on the top of the LED light.
The LED light will turn off automatically after 10 minutes.
Remove the mouth tray.
Spit excess gel into the sink and rinse your mouth out.
Thoroughly wash and dry the mouth tray to remove excess gel.
Repeat one application every day for six consecutive days.
Avoid dark food and drinks such coffee, tea, red wine, soda, blueberries, curry, and pasta sauce.
After the sixth application, take a clear photo of your teeth. Compare your results from day one to day six.

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