Breath Spray

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Our Breath Spray is an on-the-go solution to combat bad breath. It is an alcohol and sugar-free formula that will leave your mouth feeling fresh anytime, anywhere.

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Key ingredients

Zinc Acetate: Significantly reduces the level of oral volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) to prevent bad breath.

Xylitol: An effective alternative to alcohol and sugar-based ingredients, with proven oral health benefits.

How to use

  1. Remove cap from frosted bottle.
  2. Spray into mouth for fresh breath on-the-go.
  3. Replace cap on frosted bottle.

An oral spray that provides
fresh breath on-the-go.

Our Breath Spray has been designed to reduce bacteria while providing long-lasting freshness. It is also free from alcohol, removing the risks associated with irritation and dry mouth.

Your concern

Bad breath

Our treatment

Zinc Acetate,
Xylitol, Spearmint

The result

On-the-go solution
for lasting fresh breath

Try the HiSmile Breath Spray

Fresh breath on-the-go,
anytime, anywhere.

  • vegan-friendly
    Vegan Friendly
  • Sugar Free
  • Alcohol Free
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